Walk and Talk

In essence this covers all the same content as my One to One Coaching just in a different format.

It’s always an available option for clients that are either local to me in Surrey or central London. Depending on my schedule I’m also happy to meet in Silkeborg, Denmark.

A roughly two hour session featuring a walk along a curated route. The pace varies client to client and we may like to stop here and there, so I allow a degree of flexibility in the duration.

Starting and finishing from a convenient location with ample parking and some facilities. We’ll finish with a soft drink and a snack (usually tea/coffee and some cake) whilst we wrap up.

Offered here as a stand-alone option that can be added into an existing package  or used as a one off experience.

Obviously I can’t control the weather and whilst some people enjoy being outdoors in the extremes, others don’t. Please dress accordingly and wear suitable comfortable footwear. These sessions are not covered by the same cancelation policy and can be re-scheduled at short notice if the weather is unsuitable.