I’m  Andy, the driving force behind Lightbringer.

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Although the UK is home, I connect with clients worldwide, helping them navigate life’s toughest transitions, particularly in the realms of death, grief, and loss.

With compassion and dedication, I blend lived experience, spirituality, and creativity into my coaching relationships. My professional journey might seem eclectic at first glance, however a profound curiosity and love for people and their narratives threads through it all. From witnessing life’s earliest moments to accompanying souls through their final breaths, I’ve traversed calm and stormy waters alike. I’ve documented both triumphs and tragedies, and played the role of observer, companion, and participant.

By merging personal encounters with loss and professional expertise, I offer my clients unparalleled support, drawing from a unique vantage point and a deep understanding of the human condition during tumultuous times. Specialising in guiding individuals through transitions, whether it be approaching the end of life, grappling with grief, coping with loss, or navigating significant life changes, I provide a nurturing and secure environment for clients to delve into their emotions, find solace, and embrace transformation.


My journey into coaching stemmed from a desire to make sense of my own experiences. Engaging a coach myself, I discovered it to be the most rewarding investment I’ve ever made. It became evident that irrespective of the role or circumstance, working with people brought me immense fulfilment and joy. Their stories, their responses to being heard, and their remarkable ability to unearth solutions to life’s trials resonated deeply with me. It was then that I realised my true calling lay in coaching. Enrolling at Animas, renowned for its transformative coaching rooted in humanistic psychology, felt like the natural next step.

My coaching ethos is characterised by spaciousness, empathy, and creativity, with an emphasis on fostering a non-judgmental and secure space for clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Over time, it became clear that for many, including myself, spiritual beliefs couldn’t be divorced from personal narratives; they demanded integration. While I’d long employed esoteric practices for self-coaching, I had hesitated to fully embrace and share these beliefs, fearing judgement and misunderstanding from others. However, I eventually decided to step into the light and own my truth. With over three decades of experience reading tarot cards and exploring various esoteric traditions, my approach is deeply personal and defies categorisation. Lightbringer is not about imposing an agenda or promoting a specific system; it’s about creating a space where individuals can bring their unique beliefs and practices, no matter how unconventional, and find support, empathy, and growth.

Thus, Lightbringer was born: a beacon of transformation, spirituality, and creativity.

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